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    What is Crowd Funding and how does it work?

    Crowd Funding is a peer-to-peer funding platform set up to facilitate the development of companies that wish to fund growth, or projects, through selling shares to small to medium investors. CrowdCube is one of the most respected and selective crowdfunding websites in the UK assisting in growth projects with companies such a BrewDog, which is why we have selected this company to work with us on our funding round.

    Why are we Crowd Funding?

    Over the last 14 months we have heavily invested in our infrastructure, business development strategies, national partnerships such as The Boat Race and our sales / retail platforms. This strategy has resulted in the company not needing to reinvest in this area up to a turnover of circa 5m. What we wish to do is use the crowdfunding capital to invest in growth and awareness campaigns outside the UK. Our first target market is the US and we have already signed WestCoastSeven sales agency in California covering Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Hawaii. 

    For further information about becoming part of our journey and to watch our crowdfunding video please click below: