Environmental Sustainability Statement

Offsetting our carbon output to become carbon neutral by 2022.

By 2022 we are aiming to become a carbon neutral company. We will offset all of our carbon output to achieve this. We will monitor and record all of our shipping from our suppliers and onwards to our customers. We will also record all of our agents travel and have this amount of carbon removed from the environment through the company Clear. We will also swap energy suppliers for our warehouse to more environmentally friendly ones to help reduce our carbon footprint further.

Create virtual showrooms for clients to view our ranges, reducing travel.

To reduce unnecessary travel we are creating a digital showroom for coming seasons collections. Using digital chat portals, our agents can contact clients, showcase our range and discuss the garments using high quality video footage of each product. The digital showroom will also be open 24 hours a day so clients can view at their own leisure.

Use digital formats for catalogues where possible.

Physical catalogues are a good business tool but once the seasons buying has been done they become redundant, so we are now encouraging clients and potential clients to use our digital catalogues. These will be available to download or viewed through ISSUU, the digital publishing platform. When a client does require a physical catalogue we will only use sustainable materials in the production of it and limit the number produced to reduce waste.

Use sustainable materials in our clothing where possible.

As the fashion industry embraces sustainability, more recycled and sustainable fabrics are becoming available and we will adapt our garments to use these where applicable. For AW20 we are using recycled filling in our coats as a start. We have also dramatically reduced the amount of polyester we use in our fabrics. 

Create environmentally friendly swing tags using recycled materials.

We have redesigned our swing tags to be environmentally friendly. We are removing all unnecessary metals from the tags, from the method of fastening the tag to the garment and the metal eyelet on the tag itself. We will be using recycled cord to attach the tag and recycled materials for the tag itself.

Use recycled packaging from our factories and our own distribution hub.

Shipments from our factories will switch to using recycled packing for the garments. We would love nothing better than to remove this packaging altogether but sadly we can't as we need to protect the garment in transit and certain companies we supply demand all garments are packaged. Once a sustainable solution is used widely across the fashion industry we will be adopting this method. But for now all our garments will be packaged using recycled materials.

Locally recycle our business waste.

Waste from our warehouse in North Devon is recycled using a local company, thus reducing milage travelled and what milage is incurred we

will be added to our carbon neutral total.

As the fashion industry becomes more aware of, and adapts to better environmental polices and practices, we as a company we adapt too. For years environmental issues within the fashion industry have been over looked and by playing our part in changing these attitudes we hope that one day the fashion industry will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

It is our responsibility to look after our beautiful world.