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    The Unsigned Stage

    The wonderful Daniela Anne performs at Rupert and Buckley



    The wonderful Daniela Anne has become the second unsigned act to perform on our unsigned stage and what a performance it was. Daniela performed as invited guests were welcomed with mulled wine and a sneak peek at our new collection. We were so blessed to have her perform for us that evening.

    Having only written her first song just a few years ago, Daniela Anne is no slow mover. With her independently released 5 track EP ‘The Wayside’ already under her belt, she’s quickly proving to be one to watch.

    An acoustic singer-songwriter now living in Bath, Daniela spent most of her life in Zurich, Switzerland but moved back to the UK to work on music full time. Taking influence from her love of acoustic artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Stu Larsen, Bon Iver and Ben Howard, Daniela has a refreshing approach to the singer-songwriter genre similar to that of the likes of Lucy Rose, Nina Nesbitt and Gabrielle Aplin. This couldn’t be more evident than by her debut release ‘The Wayside.’ It is plain to see that the opportunity to play around with instrumentation and arrangement broadened her horizons, as the result of which is a record that packs quite the punch for a first release! These are songs of wistful, heartfelt tales, carried by a unique sound that touches upon the best parts of acoustic, indie, and rock while maintaining Daniela’s unmistakably soft touch. This is not just another girl strumming a guitar.

    Proud of being an independent artist, Daniela is not chasing a record label deal but instead focusing all of her energy into writing songs and developing her sound further. This summer she’s been working finger to the bone to produce another EP for you, this time all on her own. Yes, Daniela Anne is one of the most driven twenty year olds around, and she’ll do her very best to make sure that you won’t be forgetting her any time soon.

    We can't wait to welcome Daniela back to one of our future events!

    The Cavaliers - In Store Appearance

    The Cavaliers proudly kicked off the start of the flag ship stores unsigned stage season with new tracks and previous classics.

    Already they appear on our in-store playlist, so if you have been humming along to their music, you know exactly why! Based in Liverpool they describe themselves as a travelling troop of troopers, and we agree. A style close to Arctic Monkeys mixed with The Fray creates the unique sounds that The Cavaliers have fine-tuned. We will certainly be inviting them back! Check out their new music on Spotify today.