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    Chester Now Open | New Stores Soon...

    Chester Now Open | New Stores Soon...

    The Rupert and Buckley team have been busy!

    With the launch of their first permanent store in Chester on the 9th September, officially opened by the magnificent Mayor Razia Daniels, her Cohort Mr Daniels and announced by the Town Crier Mr David Mitchell the day was a huge success.

    The team undertook the massive project of renovating the store from scratch and after some blood, lots of sweat and even a few tears the store was ready just in time for the launch by the Mayor at 11.15am on the 9th September.

    All hands were on deck and a massive shout out must go to our new and fabulous neighbours at Timpsons (namely so and so, and so and so), Alasdair Lord, Emi Howe, Vicky Green and Tom Dunford who went above and beyond to help us all with the shop-fit. Also to the City of Chester for being so welcoming and friendly – what a beautiful city and a fantastic bunch you are!

    We are also about to sign on the dotted line on 3 new Rupert and Buckley Shops in:

    • Durham - Prince Bishops Shopping Centre
    • Bath - 15 New Bond Street
    • Bristol - Cabot Circus

    Keep a look out on our new events page on our website for awesome launch parties and promotions.

    Hope to see you soon!