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    The Buckley Blog — mia li

    Coco & the Butterfields

    CoCo & the Butterfields,a band who described their sound “fip fok”; a mixture of hip hop, folk, and pop, are an imaginative five piece taking the Canterbury music scene by storm.

    Not to worry for those that enjoy original folk – at least three fifths of the band are bearded – and with their incredible range of instruments (from double base to banjo), that original acoustic folk sound is retained.

    The quintet have just made it more exciting; merging harmonies from both male and female vocalist, and talented beat boxer Euphex bringing something incredibly new and refreshing to the table. 

    Despite the mass of instruments, there is no fighting for the limelight. Everything is stripped back, laying the vocals bare for all to absorb.

    This is perfect as the lyrics are definitely ones to be heard. Incredibly heartfelt, they hold a certain depth packing an impact that wants to be experienced over and over again.

    Their recently released debut music video, “Astronaut”, is an animated treat for those that enjoy both the style of the band as well as musical talent.

    While style is something this band has in excess, I cannot find a bad word to say about CoCo and the Butterfields. This is a group of massively talented musicians and it seems their popularity is spreading throughout the UK, with tours across the country being planned as you read.

    After listening to the range of tracks they have recorded, it is clear that CoCo and the Butterfields are no ordinary folk band, but one which is integrating genres into a magnificent cocktail, one perfect for the modern generation.