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    The Buckley Blog — Mary Oshinbolu

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    Is the weather getting you down?

    Yes, it is absolutely frustrating when you are surrounded by drizzle,torrential downfall and eventually drowning in a flood! 

    No need to panic, here are some top tips on how to keep your head above water!

    1.Wax on, wax off:

    Wax jackets are definitely a way to keep dry and trendy.  As country staple meets city style, it is definitely more than okay to wear this to the many festivals yet to be attended this year. 

    2. Socks; 

    We always remember the boots but its also time to remember the socks. Be a bit more adventurous and go for socks with loud patterns and stripes. Great for all boots including wellington boots.

    3. Tea

    Nothing has the ability to cheer you up like a nice sup of tea and some scones, or for the chocolate lovers, a hot cup of chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows.

    4. And if you love your mascara - make it waterproof!

    The cosmetics industry is teeming with waterproof make-up. However, the most essential during wet whether is waterproof mascara. Take special care in choosing the right one as some may cause irritation. 

    Everyone Always Wants A Stud

    In 2012, we have seen an explosive increase in the use of studs for customizing many different items of clothing. Whether you prefer an edgy attire using spiky  studs or something a little glitz and glam, what is particularly evident is that your creativity has been endless! There are many easy tips posted all over the internet on how to turn your plain and boring garments into something quiet spectacular and outstanding!

                                                       Photo bottom right: by Stefano Carloni 


    Need to stay cool this summer? Well, here are 3 key pieces you should have in your wardrobe to help you do so.

    1. The Shirt 

    Meet the Whitchurch Shirtits amicable shade allows you to stay stylish and comfortable simultaneously. Fashioned from 100% cotton, you are sure to stay extremely cool in these this summer!

    2. The Chino 

    It is and always has been summer etiquette  to have a pair of these in your wardrobe. Available in a variety of shades and with this season’s colours branching out into pastels it is truly a style that looks extremely dapper on all.

    3. The Wayfarer

    Dressed up or dressed down the Wayfarer, first produced by Ray Bans in the 50’s, is bound to add an element of effortless summer coolness to any outfit choice. 

    Now that you are equipped with the essentials, go forth and stay very cool this summer!


    On this glorious day, the Rupert & Buckley team would like to wish all fathers a wonderful father’s day! Yes your father may be grumpy, a great believer in saving and especially acquainted with sarcasm. You are frightened when he loses his temper and cringe when he reveals his softer core. However, the undeniable selflessness and love they bath us in from the moment we are born is definitely worthy of praise -even if it is just once in a while.