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    The Buckley Blog — face of 2015

    Face of 2015 announced as Josh Myers

    JOSH MYERS - Rupert and Buckley – Face of 2015

    Josh Myers is our proud new and fabulously preppy face of 2015! What does it mean to be a face? Josh will be flying off to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos! Stay tuned for lots of updates, pictures and plenty of funny stories as Rupert and Buckley is shared and introduced to many new countries that have yet to experience our vibrant and free-spirited style. 



     Josh was born in Bedford in 1995 and started his school-life off at a  pre-prep school called East Lodge. Josh moved to Bath, the home  of Rupert and Buckley and the proud city of our flag ship store on 5  Burton Street, in 2003 where he attended Monkton Coombe school  and became an avid sports player, getting involved sports such as  Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. 



    Josh is part of a big family that is based in Bath, Somerset. When he  is off the sports pitch he likes to spend time with his two brothers watching the latest films or playing their coined game ‘Rolf’ which is a combination between rugby and golf! This sounds so interesting! 




    Give me more! 

    • A way to my heart: Terrys Chocolate orange is Josh’s favorite food!
    • Where you will find me: The Royal Bath and West show Ground!
    • I don’t go anywhere without: Rufus the teddy bear!


    Stay tuned, and check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on Josh’s Ruperts World Tour! Hashtag #rupertsworldtour to keep in touch with him!

    Follow us at @RupertBuckley and follow Josh directly at @joshwgmyers